Would you like 2018 to be the year that you crack into the “top performers” list? To help you fill that gap, here are some useful tips for real estate agents who want to make it to the top this year.

Become a perceived expert

Top real estate agents are perceived as experts. There is a difference between being a specialist on properties in one area and being an ‘expert’ on the community. The expert knows all the right people, is the go-to person for information on properties for rent and sale and is familiar with every nook and corner of the area. An expert can tell you why Chapal Luxury Villa is a better choice for you and is aware of what is happening in other areas that you’re considering.

Area experts are also knowledgeable when it comes to price increases, decreases or market stability. They know how much inventory there is, how many potential buyers there are and how long the inventory is expected to last an average time on the market.

Set goals and have a plan

Top real estate agents have a business plan. They know what they want (both financially and professionally) and they know how to get there. Successful property agents know how many listings they must bring on board, how many they must sell and where to look for the listings in the first place. These agents monitor their progress against their goals and take advantage of self-improvement, training and networking opportunities that arise along the way.

Knowing where you want to go is just as important as the hard work and hustle you put into getting there. Keep a daily planner to stay on top of things and make sure you are on track. List out all your short and long-term goals, and at the end of the year, you’ll have a detailed log of everything you’ve accomplished.

Preparation is a key

Professional real estate agents have a written plan of how they will sell a client’s property. They prepare a tailored plan for each specific property listing and know exactly what they need to emphasize on to get the business. Top real estate agents know from the get-go who their sellers’ ideal client is and how they will market to that profile effectively. Their listing presentation is sleek, personalized and professional, and clearly showcases how they differentiate themselves from the competition.

Always allow yourself enough time to prepare for a presentation or even a meeting with a client. Demonstrating that you know what they’re looking for and having a detailed plan to accomplish that might just be the factor that gets you the business.

Become a problem-solver

Successful real estate agents focus on solving problems and are not afraid to say when they don’t know something. However, they do know where to get accurate information quickly. Yes, they are experts. But they don’t make-up answers when they are thrown a curve ball. Instead, they will explain that they need to get the required information from a reliable source and will do so quickly.

Take some time to think of possible questions that may arise in your meeting or on your call with a potential client. Prepare answers in advance that will address these issues, get the information you think you might need and save a whole lot of your and the client’s time.

Establish your network & make it work for you

Top real estate agents have extensive networks that they stay in touch with year-round. Keeping in touch isn’t calling and asking for business. It’s interacting with social media, making a birthday call, sending out an interesting and informative newsletter and making face-to-face contact. Haven’t seen a contact in a while? Pick up the phone and schedule a quick coffee. If you want to generate the ever-important favorable referral, personal contact and communication is a must.

The best real estate agents are proactive and network on an almost daily basis. They maintain a “book of business” and tap into it often. Established real estate agents don’t sit back and wait for business – they find and create it.

Source: Bayut